Hey Kids, Know Fire Safety

Fire, like other tools, helps us to live better. So, it really is a  a good thing.  But it has to be used in the right way.  Sometimes, even adults make mistakes or even become careless, and let fire become a bad thing. When that happens, we should  know what to do.  The first step is to understand fire and how it can hurt us. The second step is to always be “Fire Safe,” which really means following the rules.  Yes, like almost everything there are rules.  And third, we want to know what to do should a fire get away from us.

Maybe some day, as you learn,   you may  become a firefighter yourself. You know, you can join a local Fire Company as  a Junior Member –  at the age of 14. You won’t be able to actually fight fires, but there is so much you can do by spending some time around the adult firefighters, at the fire station, around the trucks, other equipment, and facilities. You may also receive some special training,  make some new friends, and enjoy some of the special events.  You don’t have to be a gifted student, athlete, musician, etc.  Just be an average kid who wants to do something fun, interesting, constructive, and just  be better. There are Junior Members of  The Jefferson Hills Volunteer Fire Company who have saved lives, with  proper training and certification.

There’s a lot here, and a good start.

Want to be  a Hero?  Start here by learning to keep your Family, Friends, and Yourself Safe from Fire,  and other Disasters.

Are you  Prepared for Snow ?

Be a Fire Safe Kid