Jefferson Hills Volunteer Fire Company




We are the most active Fire Company in Jefferson Hills, responding to more than 400 emergency calls a year. Our members stay ready to respond at any and all times, jumping out of bed in the middle of the night, leaving family dinners and celebrations, providing life and property saving services in all weather conditions, and putting themselves in harm’s way. These dedicated men and women receive absolutely no materialistic rewards or benefits, for all they do. Of course, some may get a pat on the back or even a thank you.

That’s it!

Compliance with all Governmental standards requires both state of the art equipment and training. Members continually maintain certifications to be the best they can be. The community can boast that 75% of our members are certified at the the National Standard level. Much of today’s equipment is highly technical, expensive, must be maintained in good repair, and frequently replaced. This all takes significant funding, which is partially received from the Borough, members taking out time to conduct fund raising events, applying for grants, and from your contributions. Residents’ contributions comprise a significant portion and are very much relied upon. Hopefully contributing here – online – will be convenient. Please consider making your donation in any amount