The Jefferson Hills 885 Area Volunteer Fire Company protects the Borough of Jefferson which resides 10 miles south southeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in Allegheny County.  The Borough of Jefferson is a bedroom community that covers 17.6 square miles and has approximately 12,000 residents.  The municipality is mostly residential but also has agricultural, commercial,  industrial areas as well as a regional medical hospital.The fire company is staffed by approximately 75 volunteers and operates one engine, one rescue, one aerial truck, one tanker, one special operations vehicle and 5 support vehicles out of one station.  During the weekday hours of 8am and 5pm, the company is also staffed with a shift crew of two personnel. The company responds to approximately 500 calls for service each year in the municipality and as mutual in other surrounding communities as well.  When not responding to emergencies the company is training or providing other services to the community.

To the residents of Jefferson Hills,

Regardless of any stat, document, rumor or news story, the Officers and Members of Jefferson Hills Volunteer Fire Company are dedicated and committed to the safety of our community.

Please remember that as volunteers we are responding to your emergency from wherever we are in our own lives. Our safe response will always be top priority. If we can’t get to you, we can’t help you. As always, we’re here to serve our community and thank you for your continuous support.

Also, if you think you would like to help your community, please visit your local fire department